Volunteers are at the heart of Peninsula Bridge. One-on-one relationships can transform a student’s life. By signing up to volunteer at Peninsula Bridge, you will work with students to help them succeed on the path to college completion. 

Check out the following volunteer opportunities: 

  • Mentor a student: Establish a positive long-term one on one relationship with a student. 

  • Tutor a student: Inspire students to learn through weekly tutoring in STEM, language arts, and math. 

  • Application support: Applying to independent middle and high schools can be overwhelming. Support a student and their parents with independent school applications in the fall/winter. 

  • Career Visits: Host a career day for our students at your company or visit a classroom to share your career story. 

  • Teach: Teach a class like coding or entrepreneurship. 

  • Summer Teaching Assistant (now open for 2018): Support student summer learning in classrooms, lead electives and mentor students. Limited to Peninsula Bridge High School Academy students and high school students (or alumni) enrolled in the independent schools hosting Peninsula Bridge summer programs. Apply here.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Jocelyn Swisher, Co-Executive Director at jocelyn@peninsulabridge.org.

All employees and volunteers 18 years and older are subject to a confidential and secure background check through IntelliCorp, paid for by the applicant. The background check will include a Super Search (including felony and misdemeanor records, sex-offender records in all states, inmate records, and arrest information) and a County Search (at the county-court level (that is not covered by the Super Search) for felony and misdemeanor charges).