our vision


Peninsula Bridge is a college access and completion organization that supports underserved, highly-motivated middle school, high school and college students with comprehensive, 12-year, year-round academic and social-emotional support. 

Students join our program as rising 5th graders, and participate in ongoing support through college graduation. Since 1990, Peninsula Bridge has prepared thousands of students for college preparatory high schools and 4-year colleges. Peninsula Bridge helps break the cycle of poverty and greatly increases each student’s chance for success in school, life and career— empowering a next generation of employees, entrepreneurs and leaders from diverse backgrounds.

Scholars join a cohort in their 5th grade summer and participate in ongoing academic and enrichment programs with the same group of students every year. With a high quality teaching staff, engaging curriculum and long-term participant commitment, Peninsula Bridge prepares students—individually—to meet the challenges of academic success. We help level the playing field at each stage of a student’s development and provide support to keep them intellectually and social-emotionally engaged and connected to a community of high-achieving peers from similar backgrounds.

One of the keys to our success is our close partnerships with both independent and public schools on the Peninsula. Peninsula Bridge works with seven leading independent schools including: The Nueva School, Castilleja, Crystal Springs Uplands, Menlo School, Sacred Heart Schools, St. Matthew's Episcopal Day School and Woodside Priory. These schools provide faculty and facilities for our summer program and their Heads of School serve on our Board of Directors. Peninsula Bridge also works with more than 50 public and independent schools from Mountain View, East Palo Alto, eastern Menlo Park, Redwood City, San Mateo and Foster City, to recruit and support high-achieving students for our program. Peninsula Bridge also partners with community professionals and agencies to offer professional development for our teachers.

Peninsula Bridge provides high-achieving students, living in low-income communities, with academic and personal support during middle school years through college graduation. Our program helps to break the cycle of poverty and greatly increases each student’s chance for success in school, life and career.

In 2014, Peninsula Bridge adopted a new strategic plan that outlined significant expansion of the services we provide to better ensure our students’ academic and personal success. This includes after-school programs during the school year, and expanded support through high school and college. In order to fund this significant expansion, we launched a $3 million Growth Fund Campaign, and achieved our goal in 2017.  Read more about our plan here. 



Peninsula Bridge parents describe the program from their point of view.