Peninsula Bridge Students Excel in Summer Internships


This summer, Peninsula Bridge has partnered with 13 corporations on the Peninsula to offer 25 paid internships for our students. The soft and hard skills and social capital that our students have gained has been invaluable. Our partners include:

137 Ventures
Acacia Capital Corporation
Arcus Biosciences
Ariat International

Bunsow De Mory
Corcept Therapeutics
DPR Construction

Jazz Pharmaceuticals
Lockheed Martin

Pantera Capital
Ropes & Gray
Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati

Today, we feature John Wee and Jacqi Escatel, two of Peninsula Bridge's college students. Both students have paid internships at Corcept Therapeutics based in Menlo Park. Corcept is committed to improving patient lives through the discovery and development of drugs that address serious unmet medical needs related to excess cortisol activity.

"Corcept is proud to partner with Peninsula Bridge to promote professional development and networking skills with a summer intern program in our Menlo Park Headquarters." - Patti Foley, Sr. HR Manager, Corcept Therapeutics, Inc.

John Wee, rising freshman, UC Santa Cruz

What is your role this summer?
I am working in both the Quality Assurance and Human Resources departments. I help with the auditing process along with editing, creating, and maintaining projects such as Applicant Tracking, updating Standard Operating Procedure reports, taking inventory of QA files and gathering data for drug tracking.

What skills have you developed this summer?
I had to learn Access Database this summer. This database records data from multiple sources, and filters it in a way that allows the data to be easily read. This required not only learning a new database, but also collaboration with others in order to find information and data.

How did Peninsula Bridge prepare you for this internship?
Peninsula Bridge has pushed me to get comfortable in new situations and environments. This made it much easier to adjust to the work environment at Corcept.

What is the biggest surprise?
The biggest surprise to me is how fun and lively an office can be. I had a preconceived notion that office workplaces were just boring nine to five jobs. However, after my experience at Corcept, I can see that it is much more.

What are three words you would use to describe your internship this summer?
Valued, included, rewarding

Jacqi Escatel, rising junior, Washington University, St. Louis

What is your role this summer?
I am currently an intern in the Human Resources Department. I am overseeing an applicant- tracking project. I am also working with the legal department to organize the names of inventors at the company and names of each of their patents. I have also organized all of the I-9 forms for employees at the company.

What skills have you developed this summer?
During this internship, I've become quite proficient in Excel and Word, which is exactly what an office job requires. I've learned to use both these applications and other methods to organize my time, work, and responsibilities. I learned to email different people in the company, send Outlook invitations and I also had to write a formal request letter for some information needed. I now feel much more confident in asking for things and communicating my thoughts and ideas to managers and colleagues.

What will you look for in a job going forward?
I will definitely look for a fun and friendly workplace going forward. Although, I am pretty certain that nothing will top Corcept's environment.

How did Peninsula Bridge prepare you with this internship?
Peninsula Bridge has always helped its students with interviews and "elevator pitches." While at Corcept, I've had to introduce myself to so many people and they would always ask me the same things: What school I went to, what I was majoring in, and what I did for fun, and what I was enjoying about Corcept. I am always able to give concrete answers that show a sense of professionalism. That's because of the great training I received form Peninsula Bridge.

What is the biggest surprise?
I am amazed at the number of people and work it takes to run a company. There are more than ten departments at Corcept and everyone is always busy. The work never ends. I can't imagine my manager taking on her projects and mine.

What are three words you would use to describe your internship this summer?
Busy, welcoming, and learning!

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