college success program


Today just 11% of first-generation, low-income students graduate from college; our goal is 90%. 

We start by preparing our students, well before the college application process begins, with college success and career readiness workshops, help in finding summer internships and assistance with professional development and networking skills. Peninsula Bridge also works extensively with our high school families to provide additional support through workshops and 1:1 meetings.

The Peninsula Bridge College Success Program is made up of 3 major components:

1. College Access Counseling

We cover the college application process from A-Z. Advisors assist in forming appropriate college lists to understanding the basics of financial aid applications. We also provide workshops for parents focused on navigating the college landscape as a parent of a first generation student. 

2. College Success Transition

Our primary goal is facilitating a successful enrollment experience for our students. The summer before students leave for college they participate in several workshops designed to aid in the transition from high school to college. These specially designed clinics are administered during The Peninsula Bridge Annual College Retreat, held on a local university campus. Topics include: FAFSA and Understanding Your University's Financial Aid System, Managing Principal Expenses, Dorm Life 101 and Roommate Etiquette. 

3. College Success Advising

Our college coaches communicate with students regularly, and visit them periodically, to ensure they are taking advantage of the resources and opportunities offered at their universities. We also assist in the annual renewal of financial aid applications (FAFSA), provide financial literacy support for parents and students, and aid in obtaining professional summer opportunities to develop a professional resumé before graduation. Peninsula Bridge believes that all of our students, if given equal access to educational and career opportunities, can successfully graduate from college ready for a career.


The Peninsula Bridge High School Academy class of 2018

100% are going to college!

 Peninsula Bridge Class of 2018

Peninsula Bridge Class of 2018