Student Spotlight: Andrea J., Redwood City

Andrea has taken an active role in becoming a part of an organization that is creating a voice for families that are being relocated due to the gentrification occurring in our cities. Please read her explanation below: 

The Rents Too High Hear Our Cry Movement is a project that was created by the North Fair Oaks Youth Initiative (NFOYI), an organization affiliated with the Siena Youth Center.

The Siena Youth Center is a non-profit program that serves youth ages 10-17 and offers mentorship, academic support, arts, physical activities, and other academic enrichment activities. This program helps families in need to live with dignity and become self-supporting members of their communities. Since the project was started in October of 2016, the NFOYI has organized severalmarches and protests around the lack of affordable housing in Redwood City. In my role as vice president of the Youth Advocacy team, I set the agendas for our meetings and I collaborate with other team members on creating strategies on how to get others involved in this movement. I want to inform the Peninsula Bridge community, that gentrification is a very important issue in Redwood City and other parts of the peninsula and the Bay Area. This issue grows every day as more and more people are being kicked out of their homes in the name of progress and development. We believe that progress and economic opportunities that disregard our community, and create private profits from our community’s displacement is unjust and we will fight to prevent it. This is very problematic when you think about who in the community is being displaced. From the people that we work with, we can see that most of the people that are getting kicked out of their homes are mainly of Latino backgrounds and/or other community members that while still work very hard do not earn as much money as the people moving into Redwood City. As a Mexican girl, this has inspired me to take action and join this cause to protect my community. One way you can get involved in this movement would be to come to the meet ups and other information and action activities we will be putting on. If you are interested in getting involved, please email me at If you would like some more information, please visit the links below.