Alejandra Reflects on her Internship Experience at Arcus

Throughout my career at UCSC, I have developed a passion for the sciences. I became interested in both the medical and research field once I started taking biology courses. With the help of Peninsula Bridge, this past summer I had the opportunity to intern at Arcus Biosciences, a biotechnology company. I was able to work one-on- one with a biologist and experience first hand what it was like to do research. Everyone at Arcus was extremely welcoming.

I enjoyed being able to learn about different techniques that are commonly used in laboratories and connect the experiments with material I had learned in class. During my internship I became an expert in pipetting (measuring liquids in glass tubes), which helped me in a laboratory course I took this past quarter.

I was able to experience first hand what it is like to work in the research field, talk to scientists about their work and know the reasons behind their interest in research. I now have a better sense of the steps I need to take to get a job in research. An internship allows us to determine if we see ourselves pursuing a career within the field. I am tremendously thankful to the Peninsula Bridge staff that helped me get this internship.