Menlo - Week 2

By Jenni S.

It has been another successful week in Bridge and I slowly feel it going by a lot faster. It’s not easy being someone they look up to but every day the students teach me new things about myself that I didn’t know. I am always happy with them and it makes Bridge so much more enjoyable for me. I got so much closer to a few students and I’m excited for our bond to keep growing everyday. This week in math I sat with my groups I was assigned to everyday. I was able to answer their questions and help them feel more confident about their math skills by giving them guiding questions to get through. The math TA’s have been good at helping Mr. Lau in anything he needs. Most kids really enjoy the kahoots, which is a fun competition between them. There were also bumps through this week because TA’s weren't always doing the enrichment jobs we were assigned. This was a wake up call and I will make sure this doesn’t happen again. I do think I got a lot better and I’ve been playing four square which is really fun! I’ve been with girls that don't really feel comfortable playing games to the gym, played mafia and also jump rope. I also got even closer with my little family; Jojo and I know we are going to miss them a lot! Lunch is when we sit together, talk about our day, future plans and to get closer. This week on Tuesday I helped lead the lung model, which wasn’t very easy, but we got through it. We had a small lesson with the model and the kids enjoyed it. I also know that my leadership skills are growing for the future, which is a helpful characteristic to have! On Thursday we had another science lab where we taught the differences between a computer and the human brain. I led the Powerpoint with Luis O and it went well, we had very interesting conversations with the students. Most of the girls in our class were interested because they were all adding their own ideas when I made a Venn diagram on the board on the differences between a computer and the human brain. The students will learn more about programming and I’m excited for the future activities we have planned. In conclusion, I’m excited to create more memories and spend my summer with all the wonderful students. 

By Miller G.

Week 2 of the Peninsula Bridge Summer Program has blown by, and I could not be more impressed with the joy and enthusiasm that all of the students exhibit at every turn.  In math class this week, the students learned how to be expert bankers during their study of compound interest.  This built well off of our lessons on converting between decimals, fractions, and percents, as well as the lessons on discounts, tax, and markups.  They are all well on their way to becoming expert business-men and -women!  This week, we also embarked on our very first Embark Lab.  During this lab, the students learned about the numerous, significant differences between computer and human thinking.  We then asked the students to think like computers, playing a couple games that involved giving directions to another student like you would for a computer, requiring explicit, direct instructions.  This led into our study of the difference between position and orientation, which is involved in multiple computer programs such as GPS.  We finished off the lab by teaching the students about binary, the language of computers.  Although there was certainly some confusion, I was highly impressed with the persistence that the students exhibited and how they worked together in groups to understand the concept.  Similarly exciting was Wednesday’s activity, in which the students worked together in groups to build a logo out of Legos based on directions that were anything but clear.  My group surprised me by working together as if they were an actual construction company, asking for input from each student and making sure that each step had been successfully and correctly completed before moving on.  They all exhibited advanced communication and teamwork skills, and I can see many of them overseeing a construction project in the future!  Once all of the learning was over, Enrichment this week was extremely fun and enjoyable this week, with spirited games of dodgeball, knockout, soccer, ping pong, foursquare and many other games resulting in laughter and fun for everyone. This week of Peninsula Bridge has been extremely successful, and the attentiveness and excitement that all of the students bring into their classrooms is unparalleled.  I am looking forward to a great Week 3 and a fantastic rest of the summer!