Crystal Springs - Week 3

By Hannah M.

Throughout the past couple days, students and TAs alike expressed their shock as they realized Bridge is over halfway done. The summer feels like it’s flying by thanks to so many enjoyable activities, engaging classes, and new friendships. Whether students are playing “Hedwig's Theme” on the piano, discussing football players in the cafeteria, or doing integer operations in math class, they’re making long lasting memories.

This week was eventful in terms of what went on in the classroom! In 8th grade Math, students discovered that PEMDAS is more than a random collection of letters. The 8th graders spent the week working with variables, word problems, and exponents. In Science, students began participating in hands-on labs after they completed the two-week unit on coding and computer science. Meanwhile, 7th graders in Language Arts wrote articles about Malala Yousafzai’s leadership skills and continued to discuss Boys Without Names by Kashmira Sheth. Students felt bittersweet when electives ended on Tuesday, as they were excited to switch to a new elective but sad to leave an old one behind. Cooking, Lego Robotics, and Singing are just a few of the new offerings this time around.

The theme of courage is really important to what goes on here at the Crystal Springs Bridge site. Students are still working diligently on their Brave Projects. Some examples of awesome projects include writing short stories, learning to skateboard, and training a service dog. In advisory on Wednesday, students laughed and took risks during “The Singing Bee,” a competition in which students scored points by singing the correct words to the chorus from a popular song. It was so entertaining to watch seven students sing “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran and “Sorry” by Justin Bieber in perfect unison. Students are taking risks and growing more and more confident every day!

Next week is the always exciting Spirit Week. The week will be full of fun games and crazy competitions including pie eating, cupcake decorating, and dodge ball. Every day will have a dress up theme. Monday is Pajama Day, Tuesday is Crazy Hat/Hair Day, Wednesday is Wacky Day, and Thursday is Advisory Color Day. On Friday, everyone will be wearing swimsuits under their clothes because of the water park field trip! It’s apparent that a memorable and awesome week lies ahead.