Woodside Priory - Week 4

With two field trips this week, students definitely had a lot to look forward to! The first field trip was on Wednesday to Levi’s Stadium home of the 49ers in Santa Clara. All 65 students piled onto their buses in the morning, and headed directly to Santa Clara. When we got the stadium, we separated into two groups and started off our day!! The students got a tour of the VIP seats and clubs of the stadiums, got a tour of the visiting team’s locker room, got to go on the field, did a few running activities of the field, a fun hands one team building activity, and got to explore the museum! It was a fun packed day, and the students got a deeper understanding of how STEM works in the football industry. After asking the students what the highlight of their day was, many replied that being on the field and working in the creativity lab to create new football protective gear.

On Friday we had our second field trip, but due to limited space only half of the students were able to join. Students in Blocks B and D had gone to Ideo, a start up, for their field trip earlier in the program, and now students in blocks A and C had the opportunity to go to Google for their fieldtrip. The morning of, the students arrived to campus, and all attended their first period classes and then got on the buses off to Google. At the Google Campus we got several talks from Googlers and they told us their stories and how they ended up at Google and what they do there now. This was extremely inspirational to the students as it really excited them for their future potential. After a long and delicious lunch prefaced with an tour of the new Android Auto, we got to learn about some fun game apps that Google has come out with recently and is going to release soon! Overall the kids enjoyed the field trip and really opened their eyes to new future possibilities!!

Next week is our last week of Bridge, and with a heavy heart we are starting preparations for Bridge Graduation.