Woodside Priory Week 3

By Mirthia P.

In our third week of Peninsula Bridge we are already half way through the summer! Because of the holiday on Monday, we had a shorter week, but that did not stop our program from running smoothly! As we gotten to know the students better and their strengths, we have started the conversation on transitioning to independent high schools. In the next week we will have a special elective hosted by AJ Tutoring on ISEE Test Prep. The ISEE is the exam most students take to apply to independent schools. This test prep elective will give Bridge students a preview of what it will be like preparing to apply to independent schools, and hopefully motivate them to work harder 8th grade year to ensure acceptance. On Wednesday we went around during break to ask students if they were interested in applying to private schools. We then shared some experiences from former Bridge students and their transitions into independent schools. After hearing this short spiel many students had questions and seemed even more interested than before. As Bridge continues we hope to have more informative sessions, leaving them prepared for the process coming this fall