Woodside Priory - Week 2

By Mirthia P.

This week for our blog we decided to focus on the TAs that really help run the entire Bridge program. TAs are an essential part of the program as they help provide more individual student attention in the classrooms and motivate the students to keep learning. Many of our TAs this year are returning, have participated in Bridge as a student, or are very interested and involved in the whole Peninsula Bridge Program. Below are some of the reasons why they have decided to do Bridge this summer:

Armando, Junior:

I decided to do Bridge because of their mission. I am a student of a low-income situation and I feel like I need to help kids who were in my situation to help them do better in life. I love helping kids and people in becoming what they want or doing things in general so what better opportunity to do all this then help at Bridge. I know many of these kids come from East Palo Alto and I feel like I will be giving back to my community if I TA at Bridge.

Claudia, Senior:

This is my second summer volunteering for Bridge. I came back because I was inspired by the students; motivation, energy, and overall positivity. The connections I made with the students and other TA's made a lasting impression on me. 

Elizabeth, Junior:

I went to Bridge for four years, and I remember coming to Bridge each summer wishing that one day, I could be doing what the TAs were doing for us students. I wanted to be able to support and impact others as my TAs did for my classmates and me. They made classes fun and challenged us, and they did it all during their own summer breaks, a time when most were relaxing and hanging out with friends. Knowing this motivated me and made me feel like I really mattered, so I promised myself that I would become a TA when I was in high school and do the same for others. Finally having the opportunity to volunteer at Bridge has been so fulfilling. I feel as though I can give back to these students and hopefully help them as Bridge TAs have done in the past. 

Amanda, College Student:

I’ve always heard great things about working at Bridge and how rewarding it was for many of my friends. I had an opportunity to stay in the Bay Area this summer so I decided to work at Bridge, experience what it is like to teach at summer school and learn from both the kids and my fellow TAs.

TAs like the ones above really motivate the students to work their hardest and have fun at Bridge. The entire program experience would not be complete without them.