Menlo School - Week 4

By Ariana A.

On Wednesday, our family and the rest of the Peninsula Bridge Program had the opportunity to visit the Tech Museum in San Jose. Our family had a very fun time as we explored the technological advances that have been made throughout the centuries, and learned about the scientific world. One of my families favorite exhibits was the earthquake simulation, which allowed people to feel the strength of large historic earthquakes. In the picture to the right, my family was building towers with foam blocks to see how they would be affected by the simulation. To no one’s surprise, they were easily knocked down as the ground beneath us began to shake. Another exhibit that the students enjoyed was in the Health and Biotech exhibit. They looked at certain objects through microscopes to figure out what the human eye cannot see. They also learned about human life; a baby and it’s health, the human anatomy, and people around the world living in different conditions. In this picture above, my family is examining a computer chip under a microscope to see every little detail and how it was made. 

My family and I really enjoyed spending the day at the tech museum, and learned a lot about humans and what we are truly capable of doing. We learned that anything is possible and can be achieved with hard work by looking around the different exhibits at the tech museum and realizing what amazing creations humans have made to advance and help lives. We very much appreciate this opportunity that the Menlo Bridge summer program gave to us and will never forget it.