Castilleja - Week 4

Spirit Week!
By Leena A.

This week was arguably the best week at the Castilleja site because it was Spirit Week! On Monday, students and TAs wore their comfiest pajamas to Bridge and a couple even brought pillows. Tuesday was crazy sock day and Wednesday was crazy hair day. Some of the notable hairdos included a student wearing over 15 bows in hair, and another with a balloon in her hair! Thursday was advisory color day, where all the students in the same advisory wore the same color. And finally on Friday, students will come to Bridge wearing athletic gear and the jerseys of their favorite athletes for Sports Day. Advisories gained points based participation and enthusiasm, but the Spirit Week winners have yet to be crowned.

This week we also were lucky enough to take a field trip to Pizza My Heart in downtown Palo Alto. The girls learned about the history of the company, and got to go to the kitchen and see the behind the scenes of how their favorite pizzas were made. Finally, they got to make and eat their own personal pizzas before walking back to campus. The trip was not only informative but also delicious! 

Another highlight of the week was a visit from Ms. Tom, a college counselor at Castilleja who was once a trained opera singer. Ms. Tom taught the girls about opera, played a CD of her singing opera when she was 19, and even sang “Amazing Grace” for all of us. We were very impressed by her singing, as opera is not something we hear often. 

We introduced a new elective this week, AJ Tutoring. Twice a week a teacher from AJ tutoring came into to give the girls valuable iSEE test prep and tips. In Computer Science, the girls completed Lightbot’s Hour of Code, which they found challenging but exciting. In Math, they began to learn about perimeter and area, and in Language Arts they continued to read The Birchbark House and learned more about the power of storytelling. 

I can’t believe that we only have one week left of Bridge. It’s been so rewarding and fun to watch the girls grow more confident throughout the summer and to see them make friendships that will last all four summers of the Bridge program (and maybe beyond). For me, Bridge 2016 has flown by faster than any other summer, and I hope to make the most of the last few days. And of course, there is always the End of Summer Celebration to plan for and look forward to!