Crystal Springs - Week 4

Bridge Spirit!
By Emily C.

The second-to-last week of Bridge just flew by! This week was Spirit Week, meaning a week filled with fun competitions and silly games. Our Spirit Week committee worked super hard to come up with activities, and it was a huge success. From a carnival day to balloon stomp to pie-eating, every student participated in winning points for their advisory. Every day was a dress-up day, meaning that everyone came to school in pajamas on Monday and visitors must have been shocked to see the quirky hats, socks, and inside-out shirts of Wacky Wednesday. My advisory particularly gelled together to win the human wheelbarrow contest, helping us overtake another advisory for third place.

Academically, students are shining. In 8th grade Math, students were perfecting their mathematical graphing skills, while 7th graders were learning how to convert between fractions, decimals, and percentages. Science students spent the week working on labs; one about earthquakes and another that required the kids to go outside, collect materials, and design bird’s nests. In my 8th grade Language Arts class, we’ve made through Act III of Othello! Shakespeare is incredibly difficult, especially for middle schoolers, so I’m impressed with my students’ resolve in how they have tackled the play. We even challenged them to memorize twelve lines of an Othello speech and now everyone in the 8th grade goes around shouting, “O, my soul’s joy!” at their friends.

This Friday, all of Crystal Springs piled in a bus and took a field trip to Aqua Adventure in Fremont. It was an awesome chance to get to know the students outside of the classroom. Several kids (and one TA)* who were slightly apprehensive about heights or drowning took the risk of going on the water slide and discovered how fun it was. I was surprised to find that students who I had not gotten to know very well yet were asking me to come swim with them or join them on the slide. Kids who weren’t friends yet got to know each other, and unlikely bonds were formed.

However, my proudest moment comes from my art elective. I had one student who told me fairly blatantly that he hated art because he didn’t think he was good at it, despite my encouragement and assurances that he didn’t need to be good at art to enjoy the elective. But when tasked with creating an interpretive self-portrait, this student revealed that he had a ton of fantastic ideas and took the assignment really seriously. He worked on it at home, bringing in paper the next day to show his plan for an introspective collage detailing a bunch of important memories from his childhood. I’m so proud of his dedication and effort and he’s already told me that “maybe art isn’t so bad.” I can’t wait to see him and the other students show off their work at graduation next week.