Castilleja - Week 2

By Christie W.

By the second week of Bridge, almost all of the girls have started opening up with each other. As a TA, I can clearly see that they are branching out and forming new friendships with other students that will last with them throughout the rest of their years spent at the Bridge program.  

When talking to the girls during advisory breakfast, many of them reflected on how much they love Bridge and how their favorite part are the electives and the food served on campus.  Many of them especially love the dance, art, and science classes.  One fun activity that the girls reflected on was practicing yoga to calm their minds.  However they found some of the poses challenging.  When I asked them about any challenges they faced this week, one girl said that math was a challenge for her, but she was able to overcome her difficulties by putting effort into her work, and persevering through the difficult problems.    

This week I had the opportunity to help out with the science class on their trip to the local Gamble Garden.  There at the garden, the girls were broken up into four different groups and were given the task to find different flowers throughout the garden.  During this activity I could clearly see that they were trying to make connections to what they had learned in their science classes, along with staying focused.  Their ability to stay focused on the task at hand, along with having fun at the same time is a great skill that the students possess which will help them in the future.  As I grow up, I find that I am not as able to balance the two skills of having fun and staying focused at the same time.  You must choose one or the other; however at their age they can choose both. The girls inspired me to have a little bit of fun and stay focused at the same time when working on future tasks.  While at the garden some of the girls wanted to draw the plants and flowers they saw.  As a lead art TA, I was excited that not only were they focused on the science aspect of the garden, but also the artistic details that they saw amongst the garden as well.  I was quite pleased that the girls were able to blend together this knowledge from two different classes, and connect them to the activity that they were doing.

I am excited to see the Bridge girls continue learning and growing throughout the rest of the summer.  I know that the rest of the program will be amazing just like the first two weeks!