Sacred Heart - Week 1

Exciting Beginnings!
By Julia B.

Peninsula Bridge at Sacred Heart Preparatory is off to a great start! As a returning TA, I could not wait to meet the kids and get to know their personalities. At the end of the first week, the students are comfortable with navigating between classes and engaging with their teachers and TA. Most students are building up to singing the daily ‘Bridge Song’ at the loudest decibel possible, but the 5th graders are definitely in the lead in this respect.

This is my first year being a TA for a 5th grade section, and I was pleasantly surprised at how eager all the students seemed about the new material. Every day, they start class excited to be with each other and share what they learned from the previous night’s reading. Being a Teacher’s Assistant for English – both 5th and 7th grade – is my favorite part about Bridge. I love interacting with the kids on a personal level, and getting to see the progress they make every day in deeply understanding the texts we work with.

A favorite activity of the week was Thursday’s scavenger hunt. Accompanied by TAs, the students raced in small groups to campus locations like the pool, farm, auditorium, and a mural of our Lady of Guadalupe. At each location, they had to perform certain actions or poses in order to earn the next clue to advance. Here, class 7C tried to include every member in a human pyramid!

I love the energy in and out of the classrooms at Bridge this year. I cannot wait to see what the rest of the summer brings!