Woodside Priory - Week 1

Swimming in Elective Options!
by Mirthia P.

This year Priory’s Peninsula Bridge started off with a bang, with focused students who were eager to learn, and a wonderful group of teachers and TAs that ready to share their help. One of the most exciting parts of this year’s Bridge program are the exciting choices of electives students have to choose from. The list of electives includes the following:

·     Basketball
·        Women’s Issues
·      Soccer
·      Volleyball
·      Dance 101
·      Cooking
·      Photography
·      Drama
·      Piano
·      Bottle Rocket Building
·      Music Production
·      Outdoor Education and Gardening
·      Idea Grams and Mind Mapping

These electives consist of the last period of the day and are run by TAs without the help of teachers. During this period TAs are able to share their passion and experience with a certain subject with the student and help them learn something new or partake in an activity they already enjoy. At the beginning of the week students filled out their top 5 electives for the summer and the TA office staff has been working hard to fulfill everyone’s top choices.

One of the best parts of this elective period is that TAs are able to really get to know their students outside of the classroom. While working in the Garden with the students our fellow TA Christian is able to learn about the kid’s interests and hobbies while teaching them how to grow and produce their own vegetables. In Women’s Issues TAs Claudia and Katy are able to relate to the girls on the many issues women face in our society, and have fun while doing it. In the same way that classes like Math and Science are essential for our learning, fun extra curricular classes help students grow and learn more about the world around them.