Crystal Springs - Week 1

“Welcome to Bridge!”
by Emily C.

Since it was the first week of Peninsula Bridge and most had only just finished school the week before, one would expect the kids to be nervous, tired, and shy. I was pleasantly surprised, then, to see anxiety give way to excitement and energy in less than a day! Students immediately became invested in their class work, electives, and advisory competitions, and as a first-time TA, I was so excited to see the kids’ engagement in each of their activities.

8th grade Language Arts has been off to a dramatic start with reading and analyzing the first scene of Othello. Walking past our door, you can hear the sounds of students exclaiming characters’ names in Italian accents - “Desdemona!” Is their favorite. The 7th and 8th grade Science class, taught entirely by TAs, is also clearly a success. I have heard so much from the kids about how interesting that class is, learning about how computers and humans think differently. They played a very well-received game yesterday in which one kid was the ‘robot’ and their team had to ‘program’ them to correctly walk around a grid maze.

I’m also impressed by how engaged the students are in their electives. Art has been off to a great start, and we spent one afternoon taking advantage of the beautiful weather to go outside and draw nature. It’s easy to hear the Musical Instrument elective’s piano music through the halls, and kids with cameras in Photography keep popping in and out of classrooms to take snapshots of the other students in action.

However, the most surprising (and fulfilling) part of this week for me has been watching my advisory come together to support each other and get excited during our trivia contest. Our first meeting had not seemed positive - I was worried that the kids did not really like each other and that we would never connect as a group. But the very next day, competitive spirit prevailed, and the whole group had so much fun cheering for each other, putting their heads together, and high-fiving every time we got a question right. Though we lost the contest by two points, I am so proud of the energy and teamwork that my advisory showed me. I cannot wait to see how they continue to grow and connect with one another over the next four weeks.